Fear and Loathing The Government

Scandal after scandal has fired up the last several months regarding Barack Obama and the people he has hired to run our government.
On June 5th 2013, a leak came out about the NSA receiving a broad search warrant from a FISA court to obtain millions of Verizon Wireless customers private cellular data beginning in April 2013 and ending in July 2013.
As an active police officer, I can’t fathom presenting a search warrant to a judge, or a subpoena to a prosecutor to obtain cell phone records of multiple people without showing probable cause of a crime. Not to mention asking for an active warrant or subpoena that continues for months after the initial request for private, personal information. AT&T, Sprint and other carriers probably have been, are, or will hand over the private cellular data of millions more.
As an American and a sworn defender of the constitutions of my state and of the United States of America, I am shocked and appalled by the audacity of the NSA and the judge who authorized the action.
I call for my congressmen to begin an investigation into this practice. I also call for congress to immediately repeal the Patriot Act as it opened the door to this unconstitutional spying on the citizens of the United States of America.


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